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L.W. Gates Ministries is now your home and we are glad you’re here. Our prayer is that your experience will be spiritually uplifting, fulfilling, and lasting!

Whether you are new to the Apostolic faith or new to the ministry from another like-faith assembly, the new member classes, fellowship events, and one-on-one mentoring are designed to welcome you and help you become integrated into our culture and congregational life. We believe that these first steps in learning about your new family will have a lasting impact on your commitment.
In your first year being apart of L.W. Gates Ministries, you will receive notices to attend live or virtual fellowship events. In addition, you are invited to enjoy the wealth of other church-wide and ministry events that L.W. Gates Ministries hosts throughout the year.​
Love Connection Fellowship is a ministry of small groups designed to help members connect with one another more personally. With only 20-25 members in a group, small group captains are committed to engaging their members in quarterly face-to-face gatherings for wholesome fun, fellowship, and encouragement.
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