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Friday Sessions

Fresh Manna with Bishop S. Y. Younger


Disruptive Faith for Believers with Bishop James Nelson, Jr.

This seminar will equip believers with biblical kingdom principles to expand their faith beyond the conceptual into a realm in which the benefits of its enactment impinge upon their present lives.

Saturday Sessions
Fresh Start with Bishop Gates and Bishop James Nelson, Jr.

A fresh start can be the jump start for unlocking the potential of the forward-moving believer. When the mind is renewed, it presents opportunities for faith to be cultivated and a growth mindset to be developed. A growth mindset gives the believer the right posture to begin their journey to fulfill their purpose. With the right mindset and posture, transformation is inevitable. This session will give you experiential reflections and tools to effectively pursue your fresh start, TODAY!!

The Audacity of my Prayer! with Prophetess Barbara Calloway

What happens when we take the limits off of God? Effective prayer is the key to success in the Christian walk. This session will provide prayer warriors with weaponry to enhance their spiritual arsenal while increasing faith and daring them to believe.

 Fresh Sound with Bishop Marvin Sapp (Worship & Sacred Arts)

Honor with Prophet Brian Carn

In an age in which dishonor is the order of the day, what should pastors know and do about the biblical principle of honor as it relates to the church and its leadership?

Closing Prayer with Bishop Gates 

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